Friday, March 9, 2012


Here we are...One Crunchy Family*. 

We're crunchy because we do things a little different around Casa de Crunch. 

Hamburger Helper? Wheat Thins? Diet Soda? Basically anything that comes in a box? Not in our kitchen. Homemade yogurt? Soaked Granola? Raw milk? Absolutely. We make a lot of things from scratch, including face wash and deodorant. We question a lot of conventional medicine. We're generally...different. There are so many reasons for this; we'll get into that later. 

Not only are we crunchy in the "natural, hippie" sense of the word. Our lives are full of Crunch lately. A quick thesaurus search on the word crunch made that pretty clear to us! Some of the words that appeared were: Test, tight spot, economic squeeze, difficult, crux, moment of truth, pivotal moment, decisive moment. We know though, that every crunch makes our love and our faith stronger. We hope that chronicling every crunchy moment here on OCF, we'll be able to look back and see how much the Lord has truly stretched and blessed us along the way. 

We love Jesus like crazy, but only because he loves us. We find all that we need and all that we are in Him. I'm a counselor; hubby's a pastor, (we know...our future kids are going to need some serious therapy). We're graduating from seminary in May, and can not wait to see where our lives take us after graduation. 

*Writing a first blog post is incredibly anxiety producing. You can only have your "first time" once, ya know. 


  1. Hi, Kimberly! Thanks for posting your blog on FB, I really enjoyed reading it, and will be praying for you and Dan!

    I'm wondering: how do you make homemade yogurt? We eat it by the ton, it seems, and I would love to try to make it myself!
    Rachel Witherow

    1. Hey Rachel,
      Good to hear from you! Thanks for reading and praying. I'll be doing a post on homemade yogurt this Tuesday, so be on the look out.