Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Debate? Hardly.

As I was driving to work a few weeks ago, I saw this advertisement for TG Lee Tru Moo Chocolate Milk on the truck in front of me. I laughed out loud.

In fact, a Harvard Law Society debate focused on milk just a few months ago. At the debate. Sally Fallon, author of  Nourishing Traditions, (our favorite cookbook and textbook for Real Food) and David Gumpert (“The Raw Milk Revolution’’) went toe to toe with the Minnesota state dairy inspector Dr. Heidi Kassenborg and food safety attorney Fred Pritzker. You can watch the debate on YouTube from the Harvard Law Society link above. The debate is not only super informative, but it is entertaining as well. You can get your debate fix here as we wait for more Presidential election debates to start.

Here at OCF we like our milk raw. We purchase it from the back of a truck from a man in a parking lot.

Why?* Pasteurization denatures the structures of the proteins in milk, and some literature suggests that pasteurization destroys the natural Vitamins A, B, C and calcium.  In fact, the new ultrapasteurized organic raw milk is actually shelf stable, and can promote milk allergies if your gut bacteria are not in great shape. Furthermore, homogenization renders the fat particles so small that they can actually pass through the walls of the intestines making milk allergies and eczema worse. There are some suggestions that it promotes heart disease. There is SO much more to the raw milk vs. pasteurized milk debate.  Click here for more info.

Our family drinks raw milk or no milk at all. We will as long as we can buy it in the state of Florida. If it becomes illegal anytime in the near future in our state, we're buying a cow. It's that important.

Check here to explore the laws regarding raw milk for your state...Don't even get me started on government intrusion on food choices. Maybe that will be a post for another day.

*Don't take my word for it and start drinking milk from just any random guy you meet in a parking lot who happens to be selling raw milk. I'm not a doctor- and I'm not advising that everyone go out and drink raw milk. Do your research, and do what you think is best for you and your family.


  1. Angel has told me, on more than probably 10 occasions, that "pajaretes" are, in his exact words, THE BEST THING EVER! Milk straight from the cow, like literally milked directly into your glass, a shot of pure alcohol, a little sugar and chocolate apparently makes the perfect breakfast beverage in rural Mexico. I wonder how that advertisement would look on the back of a semi :)

    --Bonnie Carrete (Becky's sister :)

  2. Very nicely said friend. :) Certainly got my wheels turning!

  3. I like your crunchiness, I did not know you had it in you. I am a recent convert vegetarian...maybe vegan one day. Getting crunchier the more I live in the Boland house with Jen. :)