Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bermuda , Bahama, Come on pretty mama... part 1

So let's rewind to about 2 weeks before my last post.

When my husband and I graduated from seminary in May, we were so surprised when his parents offered to take us on a graduation trip to Bermuda. We said yes of course, and were whisked off to an island full of beauty and culture.

This post will be Bermuda in Pictures...(does anyone remember old slide reels? Pretend we're sitting in my living room with a sheet on the wall and I'm clicking a slide reel...it's much more nostalgic that way)

Dan and me about 30 seconds after we got to the hotel. It was BEAUTIFUL and made me want to buy a sailboat.
Sailboats everywhere...

More sailboats...

Dan and me swimming out to this massive rock. I am, in fact, wearing a swimsuit. 
The hotel's sister resort had an amazing beach with these cute waitresses serving you round the clock. Dark n Stormy at 11 AM? Don't mind if I do! 

This is a huge cannon in the quaint little city of St. George. St. George is the oldest settlement in Bermuda and the third successful British settlement in the Americas. It was first settled in 1692! 

Bermuda also played an important role securing America's independence: During the revolutionary war Bermudians stole much-needed gunpowder from a magazine which supplied neighbouring the forts protecting St. George's, and then smuggled it out of Tobacco Bay(over the hill from St. George's) to George Washington. Cool. huh? Thanks Wikipedia for the reminder...

This is a European-style cathedral that was never finished. It was near completion when the church members had a disagreement that was so disruptive that construction was stopped and this beautiful Cathedral was never finished. How's that for Christian love and brotherhood.....It's from the 1870s. 

We had to take a minute and read the Summit Daily News while we were there. The Summit Daily is from Summit County, CO, where our vacation home is located. We actually sent this picture in, and it was printed a few weeks ago.

Daredevils...D and his dad jumped off of these rocks, even though they were strictly instructed not to. We're glad they survived.
This little lagoon was possibly our favorite little spot on the island. The sand was pink and the water was warm. It was like something from a movie.

We had a great time...Stay tuned for part 2. More pics and stories to come! 

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