Thursday, October 11, 2012

1,408 days

October 11, 2008 was such a happy day. On that day, we were united as one in marriage. Here are some photos from that day... You can see all the photos here. I can't believe they are still on the photographer's website.

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures from the entire wedding. My grandmother looking on in the background is so precious to me. So glad that our photographers captured this. 

Celebrating with a little champagne! 

Beautiful bridesmaids. Love these women. 

The jewels

First time Dan saw me in my dress. Such a sweet moment. 
Sweet moment...

We had a super fun wedding party. 

This is the church that I grew up in. So thankful to have gotten married in this special place. 

Another one of my favorite pictures. Me, my grandmother, and Dan with his grandparents. 

Things got a little emotional. This comes as no surprise to anyone that knows us. 

Officially married. 

Aside from the band and dancing, this is my favorite part of weddings- the cake.  Our wedding was no exception. We shared the top tier from our cake on our first anniversary, and it was still delicious. Cake is my love language. 

The band was great. Everyone had a great time dancing the night away. 

Sparklers at weddings scare me. All that hairspray in my hair + open flames....shudder. So, our guests threw rose petals. No danger there.  

So much has happened in the last four years. So much joy mixed with so much pain. There is no one else in the world with whom I would want standing beside me besides my husband.

Stay tuned for updates from our Colorado anniversary trip we're taking next week.